What does a Gynecologist do

Obstetrics and gynecology is the medical department for the care of female reproductive organs’s health and handle the obstetric problems, even through surgery.

Gynecology doctor is a physician who has successfully finish the education and training in the management of pregnancy, labor, childbirth, including the identification and treatment of disorders and diseases.

Best gynecologist in India

When Is The Right Time for Your Daughter’s First Gynecology Appointment?

As girls develop into teenage, it’s important that they receive appropriate medical guidance.
For most teens, the first visit will include an outer examination of the genitals but not an inner examination of the generative organs, which is beginning at age 21 for healthful women. However, if your girl has irregular vaginal bleeding, painful periods, abnormal vaginal secretions or other issues that may be associated with her reproductive health, then see best gynecology doctor can focus into why the problems are happening and give solution for it.

What Does a Gynecology Specialist Do?

Best gynecologist in Kerala performs different tests and ensure their reproductive health. Throughout this test, doctor will physically examine the woman, perform STD tests, finish a breast exam and monitor the woman’s use of birth control. Gynecologist also check vaginal infections and urinary tract infections in women complaining of lower abdominal pain or sexual pain.

The main duty of best gynecologist in India is to perform medical exams of women’s reproductive organs, looking out for possible issues and ensuring overall wellness. Many top gynecologist in India is obstetrics, which involves the protection of pregnant women and growing fetuses. Women who request abortions usually also consult a gynecology doctor with obstetric training.

Top Gynecologist in India are experts in all things pregnancy and baby related. They are the ones who help women pregnant and they also observe ongoing pregnancies to make sure that both mom and baby are growing and developing correctly. They will train the mother about what to do and will help her handle the pain associated with delivery. Treating the mother and baby immediately after birth usually also falls to this expert. Top gynecologist in India will carefully monitor new moms for complications both medical and emotional and will suggest care and treatment as needed.

What to Expect from Gynecological Visits

Ready for first gynecological visit, you may be think what the exam will be like. Best gynecologist in Kerala motivate patients to ask about anything, even  shameful or uncomfortable problems, because such matters are probably the most important ones to address. When communicating with your health, no question can be considered foolish.

During the consultation, it’s important to be ready with information about your family medical history. In addition about your family, the physician will ask questions about individual health, like the age of menstruation started, when last period started and how long period usually lasts.

Women should directly make an appointment if they experience any of the following issues:

  • Heavy pain in the abdomen or pelvis
  • Abnormal pain in the vagina
  • Unusual itching in or around the vagina
  • Exposure to a sexually transmitted problems
  • Severe pain during periods or abnormal periods
  • Changes in breast size or changes in the skin of the breast

If you have any of the gynecological issues, Consult our Best Gynecologist in India for the solutions.