Prenatal care guidelines

Information about health care during pregnancy period is known as prenatal care guidelines. During prenatal care women take care herself and and her baby. Prenatal care is start when a woman know she is pregnant, Visit a best gynecologist is the first step in prenatal care. and make sure that you are pregnant.
Healthy prenatal care will gives a healthy baby. Regular prenatal care helps to a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal care is mainly focused on mother’s diet and weight.┬áPrenatal care aims the regular check up and to prevent all the health problems at pregnancy period. It will helps to get a good result for both mother and baby. Women have many changes both physically and mentally in her pregnancy period. And she needs a lot of vitamins to get a healthy baby.

Pregnancy will lasts about 40 weeks. This period can be divided into three.
* Monthly visit is must needed at first trimester that start from 1st week to 12th week.
* Second trimester is start from 13th week to 24th week.
* Third trimester is start from 14th week to 40th week. At this period baby’s organs are ready to do their functions.

Prenatal Diagnosis

Testing of disease or condition of embryo or fetus before delivery is known as prenatal diagnosis or prenatal screening. But both of these testing are different.

pelvic exam

A best obstetrician women’s blood pressure weight, height and overall health. Pelvic exam is the physical examination of female pelvic organs during first trimester. It can be divided into two external examination and Internal examination. Prenatal care will helps to the overall health of mother and baby.