Prenatal Care

The female reproductive system undergoes enormous changes during the period of pregnancy . Along with the changes in organs like breasts and uterus, blood flow also changes during this time, in order to satisfy the enlarged reproductive organs and to feed the baby.

The prenatal period is one of the most fascinating, yet least well understood, stages of human growth. The Antenatal period includes the most rapid phase of development of, beginning as a single cell and ending as a newborn baby. Prenatal or antenatal development is the process covers the time from conception to birth. The prenatal period last for nine months , which is roughly 40 weeks and is sometimes described in terms of trimesters.

Antenatal care during pregnancy is essential for ensuring a safe and normal delivery. Antenatal care includes routine hospital visits with physical exams and routine lab tests for Hepatitis, HIV, and Pap smear, other viruses, blood count and sugar level. Antenatal checkups prevent most medical problems. Even if there is a problem like preeclampsia(high bp and urine protein during pregnancy period), weight gain, high blood pressure and stress on the kidney it can be immediately addressed. Pregnant women should be extremely careful not to handle any substances that contain male hormones. It is also very important for carrying women to check before taking any type of medication or supplements such as DHEA which may lead to abnormalities of the reproductive tract.