High Risk Pregnancy Care

A high-risk pregnancy force challenges before, during or after childbirth. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you and your baby might require specific observation or care throughout your pregnancy.

Top Gynecologist in India for High Risk Pregnancy

Factors for a High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Age. Pregnancy risks are higher for mothers age 35 and older.
  • Lifestyle options. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and using illegal drugs can put a pregnancy at risk.
  • Basic conditions. Long-term conditions — such as epilepsy, diabetes and high blood pressure — increase pregnancy risks. A blood disorder, such as anemia also can increase pregnancy risks.
  • Pregnancy difficulty. Different complications that appear during pregnancy risks, such as issue with the cervix, placenta or uterus.
  • Multiple pregnancy. Pregnancy risks are higher for women carrying twins.
Steps to Promote Healthy Pregnancy
  • Plan appointment. If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, talk toBest Gynecology Doctor in India Doctor examine your risk of having a infant with a genetic problem.
  • Eat a healthful diet. Throughout pregnancy, you’ll require more calcium, folic acid, iron and other necessary nutrients. A daily prenatal vitamin can help fulfil any gaps. Consult Best Gynecologist in India, if you have special nutrition needs due to a health problem, such as diabetes.
  • Obtain weight wisely. Gaining the correct amount of weight can help your baby’s health and make it easier to shed the additional pounds after delivery.
  • Avoid dangerous materials. If you smoke, avoid. Alcohol and illegal drugs are off-limits, too.
Special Tests suggested by Gynecologist

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you force to different tests. Depending on the situation, Top Gynecologist in India might  suggest:

  • Specialized or selected ultrasound. This technique uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of a baby in the uterus — targets a suspected issues, such as irregular development.
  • Cervical length calculation. Best Gynecology Doctor India might use an ultrasound to calculate the length of your cervix at prenatal consultation to verify if you’re at risk of preterm labor.