Tubal Ligation – Permanent Birth Control Method

Tubal Ligation is also known as tubectomy or having tubes tied. This procedure is done for sterilization.   It is a surgical procedure in which a woman’s fallopian tubes are clamped and blocked, or severed and sealed to prevent eggs from reaching the uterus for implantation.  Tubal ligation is a permanent birth control method This procedure will done only after anesthesia because it is considered as a major surgery, is known as Reverse Tubal Ligation . A best gynecologist will not prefer this procedure if the women have or had a history of bladder cancer .  During this surgery  the surgeon will make a small incision on fallopian tubes at each of the women.

Tubal ligation is most effective than other methods but in some cases it will make an Unintended pregnancy and the methods of failure is difficult to find.

Tubal ligation is a permanent method to prevent pregnancy it is not considered as a temporary method. By doing this procedure you don’t want to have become pregnant.tubal-ligation

Types of Tubal Ligation

There are many methods in tubal ligation they are the following

Bipolar coagulation :  It is a laparoscopic female sterilization, in this method fallopian tubes are cauterized by using electric current.

Fimbriectomy :  In this method the part of fallopian tube which is located near to the ovary is removed permanently.

Irving procedure :  Two  ligatures are placed on the two fallopian tube  and removing the segment of tubing between the ligatures.

Tubal clip : It is the method to apply a permanent clip on the fallopian tubes then the clip prevents the movement of egg from ovary to uterus.

Complications caused by Tubal Ligation

Bleeding is the main complication occurred by using this procedure.  infection and wound separation is are the main complications occurred by using this treatment.

Birth Control Methods and Safe Period for Sex

Now there are many birth control methods available to avoid unwanted pregnancy or child birth. But some of methods are not encouraged if you are breast feeding. To avoid the side effects of these methods we can use natural methods to avoid pregnancy.

Safe period calculation method

It is an natural way to prevent the pregnancy naturally. The idea behind this method is that determine the fertile/infertile period. It will help to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. Women’s menstrual cycle involves three stages, first seven days of menstruation is known as pre-ovulatory infertility, fertility period and days before next periods that is post-ovulatory Infertility stage. In this three stages two are safe.menstrual cycle chart - 2

The calculation of safe period is very simple.

1. First of all you must know about first date of your last period.

2. Determine your longest and shortest menstrual cycle by observing your six months menstrual cycle.

3. 1-7 and 26-32 are the safe period for unprotected sex.

The periods lasts from 3 to 7 days. During periods the unfertilized egg will go through blood and fluids. Then the egg ovulates again at 14th day (average), There is high chance for pregnancy  during that time. If no fertilization occur the egg will be destroyed, so from 22 to 32 days fertilization will not occur.

Barrier methods for birth control

 so many of birth control methods are available today. Barrier methods also helps to prevent the sexually transmitted disease.


It is the most common method. Condoms are available for both men and women. It helps to stop sperm from reaching the egg. Condoms are generally available. No need of a medical prescription to buy condom.

Diaphragm and Cervical cap

Diaphragm is made up of silicone. It is a dome shaped cup, Inserted into the vagina. Most of women can use the Diaphragm  very safely. Cervical cap is a small bowl shaped method that helps to stop the movement of sperm into the uterus.

Vaginal Sponge

It is made up of plastic and contains spermicide. It have two inches of diameter. This contraceptive  method is very simple and safe. Never use sponge during periods.

Permanent methods


Essure Insert

Permanent method is the most effective birth control method.There are both   Surgical and Non Surgical methods methods for birth control.

Surgical method

Tubal ligation is also known as having your tubes tied is a Surgical method where woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked or cut, so egg can’t travel to uterus. Another method is vasectomy in this procedure the male vasa deferentia is severed and then tied it prevents entering of sperm into seminal stream. By these we can prevent fertilization.

Non Surgical method

Tubal implants is a Nonsurgical permanent procedure involves inserting a small essure (insert) into the fallopian tube.Tubal implants is a Nonsurgical permanent procedure body cutting is not needed in this procedure. The doctor  insert a small essure (insert) into the fallopian tube through vagina cervix and uterus. After 3 months of inserting body tissue will grows into the essure-insert that blocks the fallopian tube. By these we can prevent pregnancy.