So many Child are born day by day because they are the gift of god .How to get that gift from god? Only from a mother! Nowadays a woman cannot give birth to a child without a gynaecologist . Gynecologist is also a physician who treat the female reproductive system disorders and also conditions such as endometriosis, heavy bleeding, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary incontinence, weak pelvic muscles and yeast infections.

Menopause is a condition faced by every Healthy women. Naturally it completed in during 45-50 is a normal condition that all women experience as they age.Because women are born with a finite number of eggs these eggs are stored in ovaries. Ovary is made with the hormones Estrogen and progesterone these hormones controls the menstruation and ovulation cycle of a women. After the age of 45 most women are not able to produce the egg. It means the mensuration process has stopped.common symptoms around the time of menopause. Irregular or skipped periods, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, depression, irritability,racing heart,headache,joint and muscle aches and pain, change in libido(sex drive), vaginal dryness, Bladder control problems.


What is Endometriosis?         

Endometriosis, it is a disease in which tissue (endometrium) will  grow outside of the uterus instead of  growing inside the womb. We can find the endometrium tissue outside of uterus, area between rectum and vagina,  abdomen of the ovaries, and the pelvic cavity in a women who have this disease. Endometriosis cause painful periods and infertility. Many women have  Endometriosis without any symptoms or mild symptoms in this case it is difficult to diagnose. The misplaced tissue grows outside but it will not  leads to cancer.

There is only one way to diagnose the endometriosis that is known as laparoscopy which is a minor surgery. Gynecologists identify the misplaced endometrium using a thin scope by putting it on patient’s abdomen. After identifying he can take the right treatment to the patient.

The biggest complication for women with endometriosis is infertility so the chances  of  getting pregnant is very low.

endometriosis symptoms


The treatment offered for endometriosis are medication, surgery to remove the misplaced tissue and hormone therapy for slow growth of tissue. Hormonal birth control pills are the first step of treatment for women who are not trying to become pregnant. Treatment for women who are trying to get pregnant involves gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonis, which helps to stops the ovulation according to women’s health.

This treatment is usually recommended for  only six months at a time, then pregnancy is possible once treatment is stopped. Most of the women’s  will get a relief from pain after the surgical treatments but the pain may come back within two years. If the symptoms coming back after surgical procedures a hysterectomy or total removal of  uterus may be needed.